How to Find a Nursing Home for my Mother?

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How to Find a Nursing Home from my Mother

How to Find a Nursing Home for my mother?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "Nursing home"? If someone would ask you, you might have elaborate thoughts of rows upon rows of old folk tossed out on cold tiles in cruel care. But not so fast! It may surprise you to find out that nursing homes are actually quite safe. Wrap up your mom in a warm blanket and get ready to take her with you on an adventure...

If your mom has chronic or severe health conditions, it is important to find the best center for her. There are yet a few essential things or tips that you need to consider when picking an excellent nursing home.

Tips to Follow for Finding a Best Nursing Home

1. Ask for referrals

Talk to people in your life who may have done this before when you have to take care of someone or decide that a loved one needs to go to a long-term care facility. They have already done some research and can guide you better to avoid big mistakes.

When I was having trouble finding a new nursing home for my mom, two coworkers approached me and suggested the same place. All such suggestions give me an idea to at least start with my search all at once.

Remember that referrals can come from anyone: a doctor, a friend, a coworker, an attorney who specializes in elder law, and so on. There's no harm in asking.

2. Do read the nursing home reviews from the website

I didn't think Mom's new house would be 100% perfect. But I did want to make hence sure it had good ratings, with clean inspection records, just a few complaints, and few reports of problems.

Medicare's overall rating system isn't that perfect. But looking at penalty records and the information about the staffing ratios can hence assist you in deciding for yourself how good a facility is.

3. Are they well-respected within the community?

It is essential to ensure that the particular nursing home you have selected; should be well-respected in the community around you. This will guarantee you that finally; you are moving your mother to the best care in town.

Also, check what the rest of the people have to say about that nursing home that is already staying there for so long. How they are treated, how the staff takes care of them, and so on.

Knowing the answers to all such questions in your favor will give you a sense of relief that, finally, your mother is about to move into the right hands.

4. Pay attention to the finances/budget you can afford

The following vital factor to pay attention to is the budget! Some nursing homes in Seattle might not offer excellent services and will charge a lot.

Although when it comes to your mother's healthcare, it doesn’t matter how much expensive the nursing home is. But apart from costly services, those services also need to be superior.

Check that the services of your finalized nursing home for senior living in Seattle are excellent, and they should meet your budget as well.

5. Go on tours

I set up a time to meet with the director of the nursing home that my coworkers had suggested so I could take a look around. I paid full attention the whole time. I asked questions, watched the staff, talked to the people living there, and took notes on what was going on.

Like the first time, I didn't take anything for granted. It can take a lot of time, but visiting a nursing home in person is the only way to get a sense of the overall atmosphere, how clean it is, how friendly the staff is, and how happy the residents are.

6. Do a test in a parking lot

I also went to this new facility and waited in the parking lot for family members to visit their loved ones. I went to a few people and told them I was thinking about moving my mother into this nursing home in Bellevue.

I asked them how they felt about the care and the quality of the facility. I was able to talk to five or six different people about the nursing home and get their honest opinions. As I talked to these people, I felt better about moving Mom there.


Well, above all, which we mentioned, you need to consider a couple more things for the right nursing home. It should have a staff that cares about. They should pay attention to the person you care about the most in your life. Plus, they should feel at ease and comfortable, just like at home.